Welcome to the Lost Genius Foundation

Can you feel your genius fading?

Frustrated with your unmet potential?

A sense of futility in your smugness?

At LostGenius.org, we have one thing to say to that: Be recognized for it!

Thanks to the Lost Genius Foundation, lost geniuses of the world never have to roam their houses and their communities aimlessly searching for a greatness they simply can't achieve. Our $10,000 Lost Genius Award finally recognizes them for who they are: exemplary embodiments of our generation's squandered potential! Need more emotion? See our flash ad!


Please welcome David Fick, PhD, to the Lost Genius Fellowship. The name "David Fick" may not ring for many of our readers, but perhaps they have heard of Monsieur leFick, the penname ubiquitous among unpublished philosophy texts. If his self-important psuedonym didn't give it away, it must have been the following quote from his personal journal (snatched and subsequently submitted by an anonymous student with the initials Q.L.)...

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Please welcome Samantha Dyens to the Lost Genius Fellowship. When her roommate/best friend wrote to us, “Samantha, more than any other friend I have, has kept all of her successes boxed up under her bed," we knew we had a potential in the works. But her friend sealed the deal when she later wrote, "One day, when she was gone, I snuck out the box, looked inside, and discovered that it was empty.”

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What is the Lost Genius Foundation?

The Lost Genius Foundation (LGF) was inspired by Sir Emmanuel Manstronia, a prodigious thinker who forcasted a time when the lost potentials of our generation would rise to the occaission (to learn more, read his manifesto). They may have been snubbed by their professors, their families, and their peers, but all along they harbored feelings of greatness just waiting around the corner--if only they could get it out! Thanks to the LGF, these people never have to worry about achieving greatness again because we give them the recognition they need to stagnate.

Each month an exceptionally lost genius recieves a $10,000 tax-exempt award* (please see our financial statement) and becomes an official Lost Genius Fellow. As a Fellow, he/she will get a monthly newsletter with the most up-to-the-minute information on squandered potential in the news and updates on new winners. He/she can ask for the money to be awarded in one lump sum, or in annuities of $30/week over the course of six (6) years. We encourage that the recipient not feel confined by the award, so there is only one stipulation: the recipient must not put the money towards the achievement, direct or not, of greatness.

How do I apply?

To keep the awards honest, we do not allow anyone to submit oneself to the LGF for consideration. You are encouraged, however, to submit anyone you know who would qualify for the award. We recommend strongly against informing your candidate of his/her nomination. History has taught us that such information doesn't help the nominee cope well with his/her genius. Please visit the online application for more details.

How can I help?

Of course, a non-organization like the LGF runs on contributions from people like you! If you would like to encourage the recognition and maintenance of lost potential, please visit our contribution page. With our automated system, we make it fast and easy! And if you would like to spread the word, you can send a friend an email about our organization by clicking here.