About the Lost Genius Foundation

The Lost Genius Foundation was founded in 1995 by a committee of individuals who had discovered a commonality among them: they were all lost geniuses. Together, they sought out the writings of Emmanuel Manstronia, then an obscure reference in the Oxford English Dictionary but who would become the grandfather of the Lost Genius Foundation. They raised funds through a door-to-door pitch that should not have worked, but blew expectations away by raising a whopping $3.62 million in just two months. Realizing that they were on the precipice of achieving greatness, they decided to consolidate their funds and put it toward the founding of the Foundation. In this way, the founding fathers of the LGF remain lost geniuses to this day. You can find out more about them, including detailed biographies, at the Fellowship Circle.

The Minnesota-based Foundation will soon call home its elegant Manstronia Memorial Institute, a 3,810 sq. ft. haven for the lost geniuses in the world, which has been in construction for 8 years. If you would like to attend or volunteer for the ribbon-cutting ceremony when construction finishes, please contact us. No date has been set.

If you think the Lost Genius Foundation is only for Minnesotans, think again! We have spurned numerous chapters across the nation in cities like Barberton, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Athens, Ohio; and, of course, our home base in Oswald, Minnesota. Do you feel that your town has a depressed enough economy to crush what little genius you had left? Do New Yorker subscriptions in your town have 15% household saturation? Send 20 signatures to our Minnesota offices with a letter of request, and we will send you the materials needed to start your own chapter! Chapters enjoy benefits like free space on our servers, tons and tons of bumper stickers, and a copy of our by-laws, which don't currently exist. Don't miss out on this non-opportunity!