Welcome to the Barberton Chapter of the Lost Genius Foundation!

We are proud to announce that we have secured the Barberton Kiwanis Center for our March meeting! Yay!

A Message from the President

Dear BLGF Members:

Hey everyone! What a year it has been! This February, several members of the BLGF got together at Cafe Boheme and made a great stride for our organization: we convinced the Barberton Kiwanis Center to house our meeting for March! This was a result of much letter-sending by all of the committe members, including myself! In other news, it turns out that Jordy's 3-year-old son Mark is out of the hospital from his deviated-septum operation! We send our prayers to Mark and his family!

Despite all this great news, I won't be able to come this month's meeting. The following day I have to take my GRE, but I hope you guys have a wonderful time without me! Don't get too roudy! (wink! wink!)

While membership rose by 200% this last month, I know we can do better! Hey, lost geniuses of Barberton, check us out! If every member could get the word out, maybe we can have a similar increase this month, too! Only time will tell, I guess.


Christina Sveltre

Meeting Information

This March, we will be meeting in the Barberton Kiwanis Center! This is a vast improvement over Tom's garage (no offense, Tom!)! I've included a map to the Kiwanis Center in case you didn't know where it was!

Meeting Minutes from the Secretary (updated March)

7:00pm Meeting begins, gets delayed
7:30 Motion to start meeting despite absence of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer passed

Committee begins deliberation on how to start meetings


Deliberation on how to start meetings ends, with the following conclusions:

  • The President, Vice-President and Treasurer really do need to be present to start meetings
  • The Secretary has no authority to start meetings
  • The Vice-President takes over the role of President when she cannot attend.
8:40 Recall vote for Secretary ends with Bob Johnson as the new fuck-Secretary
8:50 Bob Johnson pulls papers away from Jordan Freeman, commences note-taking
9:00 Bob Johnson notes to committee and members that he is not a "fuck-Secretary", Everyone takes note
9:10 Committee begins deliberation on advertising campaign to draw in more citizens of the community

Deliberation ends, with the following motions passed:

  • The Treasurer alloted $35 to the development and distribution of flyers at next week's Art-in-the-Park
  • The President vowed to inform his co-workers at the Pulp Inc. Mill of the Barberton LGF
  • A $10 increase to membership fees will take effect immediately and retro-actively to pay for a sign outside of the Kiwanis Center
10:00 Fee increase increased to $40 after several members quit
10:10 Coffee break
10:40 Committee ends meetings, no further motions passed
10:50 Next meeting date and location to be deliberated via email

To contact us, please write to:

Lost Genius Barberton
869 Flandoogle Pine Drive
Barberton, OH 44232

or fax us as soon as we set up a fax machine!