Welcome to LostGenius Athens.


Dear ALGF members:

I needn't remind any of you that hard times have befallen us in the Athens chapter. We've had to endure the death of Harvey Drucker, one of our most active and colorful members; we've had to make ends meet with an abysmal budget situation; and, lastly, we've had to manage being brutally deracinated from our old home on Union Street by our landlord, who believes that yet another Taco Bell will prove a boon to the area.

Yet I and Ron Davis, our chapter president, believe better times await. That is because we see the seeds of greatness in all of our members. We've had many discussions over green tea at the Donkey about the matters confronting our organization, and we've concluded that there must be some way for all of us to pool the creative and analytical talents we've honed as professors and students at OU and in the workplace in Athens. That's why we're calling a special town-hall style meeting (though it really won't be any different from our other meetings) Thursday, September 30, at 9pm. Until then, all our meetings have been canceled. We hope that in the months ahead you can devote a little thought to how we can face the problems that have been so unkindly forced upon us. We also hope that you take some time to scour the community for potential initiates, as our me! mbership has dropped by 11 this past spring.


Tom Blacksmith
Events Coördinator
LostGenius Athens


The LostGenius Athens ad campaign will be featured in the Athens News and the Athens Messenger starting August 30. Though the meeting times no longer apply, nor will the phone number on Sept. 1, we're still optimistic that this will generate some interest in our organization: